Toyota Launches Mirai And Lexus LS In Japan With Level 2 Autonomous Driving System

Toyota is launching the new Mirai and updated Lexus LS in Japan as the carmaker’s first models to be fitted with their new ‘Advanced Drive’ Level 2 driver assistance system.

Toyota’s new ‘Advanced Drive’ can assist driving under the driver’s supervision on a motorway, keeping the vehicle in its lane, maintain the distance from other vehicles, perform a lane change, overtake vehicles, and navigate a lane split.

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Advanced Drive utilizes AI technology centered on deep learning, as well as over-the-air updates in order to add more functions and improve safety. Toyota will collect driving data in Japan in a secure server, including exterior images and vehicle performance under constantly changing conditions, to use it as a reference for future development of its driver-assistance technologies.

The system uses a driver monitor camera, checking on whether the driver is paying attention by tracking the eyes, the line of sight, and driving posture. If it determines that the driver isn’t paying attention, it issues a warning by means of a buzzer, vibrating the seat belt, and flashing the head-up display.

If there’s no response to the system’s warnings from the driver, it gradually reduces the speed of the vehicle while warning other road users through the hazard lights, bringing the vehicle to a stop in the lane or on the shoulder. Once the car stops, the system unlocks the doors and requires assistance by calling HELPNET.

Prices for a Lexus LS500h with the Advanced Drive system start from 17,940,000 yen ($164,000 in current exchange rates), while the Toyota Mirai fitted with the same system is priced from 8,600,000 yen (around $79,000).

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