Lucid’s CEO Takes The All-Electric Air To New York City For Testing

The all-electric Lucid Air is inching closer to reaching the hands of customers and chief executive Peter Rawlinson recently had the opportunity to test it out on the streets of Manhattan.

This is the second ‘review’ of Rawlinson driving a pre-production prototype of the long-awaited electric sedan. As you would imagine, he’s not particularly critical of the car he was instrumental in creating but nevertheless, it does make for an interesting video, allowing us to see the Air in action from both the interior and from the outside.

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Like so many other new cars to hit the market, the interior of the Lucid Air is dominated by high-definition screens that are used to control most of the major functions. Rawlinson appears particularly fond of the central infotainment screen that is also used to adjust the climate control settings, noting that the positioning of the armrest allows you to perfectly rest your elbow on it while operating the screen. Rawlinson also quite likes the massive glass roof of the Air, which provides occupants with an excellent view of the world.

One aspect of the Lucid Air that Rawlinson admits still needs some work is the switches as they are a little too flimsy at this stage and need to feel firmer, “giving them that Swiss watch quality,” as he says.

Topping out the Air range will be the flagship Dream Edition with a 113 kWh battery pack and electric motors producing 1,080 hp. During this ‘review,’ Rawlinson drives the Grand Touring which has 800 hp but offers up 517 miles (832 km) of range, the most of any variant.

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