This Is What A Death Wobble In A Jeep Cherokee Looks Like

Jeeps are renown, and loved, for their off-roading abilities but there’s something they’re not so admired for and that’s the infamous ‘death wobble’ that has impacted various Jeep models for decades.

The cause behind the death wobble is quite simple. Vehicles such as the Wrangler feature solid front axles and when driven at highway speeds, it’s very common for the wheels and steering wheel to start shaking. In fact, even the current-generation Wrangler has solid front and rear axles, a design that dates back to the 1940s, and many owners made complaints about it when deliveries kicked off a couple of years ago.

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This video was recently shared on YouTube and shows what a death wobble can look like from outside. The vehicle in question appears to be an old Cherokee that has been modified with a set of larger off-road wheels and tires. According to the uploader, once the driver of the Jeep hit 52 mph (84 km/h), the wheels of the Cherokee began to shake violently, forcing the driver to slam on the brakes to stop the wobble.

There’s little doubt that the modifications made to this Jeep have exacerbated the issue and were the owner to drop the ride height back to its standard level and re-fit the standard wheels, the wobble probably wouldn’t be so extreme. Evidently, they are more concerned with either improving the off-roading abilities of their Cherokee or simply looking the part.

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