Top Gear Thinks The Hyundai Ioniq 5 Is The Tesla Rival You’ll Want To Own



The automotive industry has been waiting for a legitimate and affordable Tesla Model 3/Y alternative for quite some time and with the Ioniq 5, it appears Hyundai has delivered just that.

Just a couple of months after the Ioniq 5 was unveiled, Top Gear was recently handed the keys to a pre-production prototype and were able to put it through its paces. While the EV tested wasn’t identical to the one that will be delivered to customers, it is very close and all signs point towards it being a serious player in the ever-growing EV space.

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The first half of the review is focused on the exterior design and interior layout of the Ioniq 5 and for good reason as the exterior and interior of the car are both unlike any other car on the market. The exterior, for example, has a very retro design yet manages to look ultra-modern thanks to the use of LEDs across the front and rear fascias. The cabin also appears to be a great place to sit and provides heaps of roof thanks to the 3-meter wheelbase.

When driving the Ioniq 5, the reviewer points out that you sit quite high and when hustled through some corners, you’ll discover that it provides light controls, including the steering, and offers four different levels of regeneration for the brakes. The ride is also said to be excellent, something that customers will be pleased to hear about.

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