Three Ferraris Crash Into Each Other On Philadelphia Highway

Three mid-engined Ferraris were wrecked following a crash during the annual Supercar Show hosted by CF Charities in Philadelphia last Sunday.

The event saw hundreds of performance cars make a handful of stops across the city and at one stage, police blocked off part of a highway. Enticed by an open slab of pavement, the driver of a black 488 GTB decided to have a little fun.

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Footage shows the Ferrari speeding down the left lane of the highway with the filming car, reportedly a McLaren 600LT, following closely behind. All of a sudden, they notice that they are fast approaching another supercar from behind but rather than braking, they swerve into the middle lane. This kicks out the tail of the 488 and it proceeds to slam into the side of a red 488 Pista before bouncing off and hitting a black 458 Italia.


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All three cars ended up against the highway wall below an overpass. Given the severity of the accident and the damages sustained to them, they may all be declared write-offs.

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