Mazda3 Driver Hit With Police Karma After Overtaking On Emergency Lane

Karma is a cruel mistress and the driver of a Mazda3 in Israel recently learned a harsh lesson about what can happen if you illegally overtake another motorist.

This dashcam footage was recently shared to Reddit and shows a Mazda3 sedan overtaking the cammer on the emergency lane of a highway. The overtake wasn’t just illegal but it was also downright dangerous. It’s fitting then that the driver didn’t get away with it.

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As soon as the driver overtakes and cuts in front of the cammer, they pull alongside a white Citroen C4. Immediately, the Mazda3 driver hits the brakes and begins to pull over to the side of the road, much to the displeasure of the cammer who brakes heavily and beeps his horn. At the same time, the white Citroen slows down and cuts in front of the cammer. It’s initially quite confusing as to what exactly is happening but the driver of the Citroen then flicks on the vehicle’s flashing red and blue lights, revealing that it is a police car.

The officer proceeds to pull over the driver of the Mazda3 and probably wasn’t very impressed with their antics. After their encounter with the law, which in all likelihood resulted in at least a ticket, we suspect they will think twice about ever performing a stunt like this again.

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