Car Hauler From Hell Drops Mercedes And Then Crashes It Into A Dodge Challenger

Nearly everyone has heard that “slow and steady wins the race,” but that’s certainly not the case with this car hauler.

As you can see in this Reddit video, things get off to a rough start as the driver struggles getting the apparent Mercedes CL onto the trailer.

Things quickly take a bad turn as the wooden blocks holding up the ramps give way as soon as the rear wheels drive over them. This causes the Mercedes to slam down onto the trailer with the rear wheels barely hanging on.

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Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse as the driver accelerates too quickly and the Mercedes slams into the Dodge Challenger parked in front of it. The clip ends shortly thereafter, so the extent of the damage remains a mystery.

However, the crash occurred at low speeds and we wouldn’t be surprised if the damage was limited to banged up bumpers and possibly a broken headlight. Of course, it’s hard to be certain and anything more than a scratch would likely prove pricey.

While there’s a lot to take in, it’s clear the car hauler is at fault. It’s unclear what company is featured in the video, but anyone shipping their car should do their homework and read up on reviews before signing on the dotted line. That won’t necessarily guarantee your car gets to its destination in one piece, but hopefully it will weed out companies such as the one featured in this video.

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