Transport Your Stuff In Utter Luxury With This Bizarre Bentley Flying Spur Pickup



A British company has created a Bentley Flying Spur unlike any other by converting it into a pickup truck.

This Flying Spur pickup has come to life thanks to a company by the name of DC Customs. A search through the shop’s Instagram page reveals that work on the car began back in January 2020 and it started out just like any other Flying Spur, painted in a simple shade of silver and not looking particularly special.

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Clearly eager to make something unique, DC Customs chopped off the rear section of the roof and then began the process of converting it into a pickup truck. It was initially surprised by the height of the rear shock towers so proceeded to lower them by 2 inches to make way for the pickup bed.

Elsewhere, the Bentley has been equipped with a unique bodykit that includes a unique front bumper and re-designed air intakes to give it some extra aggression. The car has also been given a new paint job combining purple and silver.

The bed of the pickup has been lined with wood and offers small storage cubbies on either side. As pickups go, this one certainly isn’t the most practical but it is certainly one of the most unique and fitting of its name, ‘Decadence.’ DC Customs says that the car wasn’t built to be a showpiece and will be driven by its owner.

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