Ford Maverick Parked Next To Ranger Shows Just How Compact The Blue Oval’s New Pickup Really Is

The new Ford Maverick has just started to hit dealer lots, and with that comes some of the first comparisons of the compact truck to other, larger ones in Ford’s lineup. One of those comparisons is this video, which shows the Maverick side-by-side with the Ranger, which is one class up in the midsize segment.

We’ve known the actual dimensions of these two for quite a while, so doing an objective comparison has always been possible, but this visual comparison really helps get a feel for the size difference between the two pickups. That being said, here’s how they stack up: the Ranger measures 211 in. (536 cm) long, 78 in. (198 cm) wide, and 72 in. (183 cm) tall, while the Maverick comes in at 200 in. (508 cm) long, 73 in. (185 cm) wide, and 69 in. (175 cm) tall. Without the two trucks right next to each other, it’s somewhat hard to visualize this size difference.

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And just for good measure, here’s the Maverick parked next to the new Ford F-150 Lightning EV – photo credits Mike Gauthier for CarScoops

The two models shown in the video are a Maverick Lariat and a Ranger XL, but neither vehicle’s trim affects its size in any way that’s too significant. When looked at by itself, the Maverick’s proportions give it the appearance of a normal-sized truck, but when placed next to the Ranger, we see that in reality it’s a much smaller package, including in terms of ground clearance.

Overall, the comparison does a good job showing how the Maverick fits in its own separate class of pickup, one that’s perfect for people who need a truck but might not have the space or the need for something too large. Now if only we could see it next to an F-150

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