Ford Reveals More Of 2023 Ranger With Trick Camo That Lets It “Hide In Plain Sight”

Ford Australia has already teased the new generation Ranger but they came back today with a second video showing a different prototype of the pickup wearing a new and more revealing camouflage.

Ford’s latest teaser shows the new Ranger in a new wrap created by the company’s Design Centre in Melbourne. It combines blue, black, and white blocks in a pixelated pattern, inspired by mountain ranges.

Some of the blocks are reflective thanks to a second layer, making it more difficult to pick out exterior features in sunlight. The wrap that took two months to develop, integrates the #NextGenRanger hashtag and a QR code, for anyone that spots the prototypes in the wild.

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Ford claims that the camouflage is trying to “break up the appearance of the underlying shape” but at the same time, it shows more of the pickup’s body. We can clearly see the F-150-inspired LED headlights, the double cab featuring a familiar windowline, the muscular fenders, the side steps, the integrated rear bumper, the roll bar on the rear bed, and what appears to be the production units for the LED taillights.

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Leigh Consentino, Design Manager at Ford Australia describes it better: “We were asked to develop a camouflage that allowed you to clearly see that this is the next-generation Ranger but not see it at the same time”, adding “There’s no line work on this camo that aligns with anything on the exterior and that means you can’t see volume or shape or lines in the vehicle”.

Ford has described the new Ranger as “the toughest, most capable, most connected, and most versatile Ranger yet”, so the expectations are quite high. The pickup will also share its ladder-frame underpinnings with the next generation VW Amarok. It was designed and engineered in Australia, and will reportedly be offered with four- and six-cylinder EcoBoost engines, the EcoBlue diesel in some markets, plus a plug-in hybrid option.

We will have more information about the new Ranger in the coming weeks. Ford has confirmed that the model will debut later this year, with a market launch in 2022.

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