Honda Unveils Omnidirectional “Sensing 360” Safety Tech

Honda today announced the latest updates to its advanced driver assistance technologies that will be facilitated by new hardware installed on its upcoming vehicles. Honda Sensing 360 promises to bring improvements and additions to its vehicles’ active safety system.

Those improvements are achieved thanks to a new sensor array that Honda promises will be able to “see” in every direction. Along with the camera currently used for Honda’s Sensing technology, the automaker is adding five millimeter-wave radar sensors to its vehicles. One will face forward and the others will be placed at the four corners of the vehicle to provide a 360 degree view.

The technology will therefore make the brand’s “Collision Mitigation Braking System” better by expanding its view of the road. The driver aid seeks to prevent collisions with pedestrians at intersections. With more sensors, it can now sense in more directions.

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Similarly, Honda’s Front Cross Traffic Warning, which notifies the driver if it recognizes the risk of a collision when the vehicle is moving at low speeds or starting from a stop, will be improved. With more angles covered, there are more opportunities for the system to recognize danger.

Lane change collision mitigation, meanwhile, will aid drivers if the vehicle senses an obstruction in its blindspot by notifying the driver or steering the vehicle back into its lane. Along with that, Honda Sensing 360 will allow vehicles using adaptive cruise control to automatically change lanes on the freeway by simply using the turn signal.

Finally, the suite of sensors will also allow vehicles using adaptive cruise control to adjust their speed automatically when they reach a bend in the road. This will make turns smoother and more comfortable for all occupants.

“Honda Sensing 360 represents the next major step in what has already been an industry-leading application of safety and driver-assistive technologies,” said Gary Robinson, assistant vice president of Product Planning at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Honda will continue to advance our technologies to improve safety for everyone sharing the road and play a leading role in realizing a collision-free society.”

Honda Sensing 360 will debut in 2022 with automobiles introduced to the Chinese market. The automaker intends to expand its integration into all vehicles by 2030.

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