Pickup Violently Flips While Approaching Intersection But This Buick Escaped Damage

Eye-opening dashcam footage has captured the moment a pickup truck crashed and flipped in the U.S., almost taking out a Buick Enclave in the process.

This video comes from the rear-facing dashcam of a vehicle that was traveling ahead of the white Buick. It appears as though traffic is slowing down while motorists approach an intersection when, all of a sudden, a white pickup comes into view.

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However, the pickup is traveling way too fast and suddenly swerves to the right, hitting a vehicle behind the Buick and flipping onto its side before rolling over onto its roof, spinning around, and sliding to a halt. The driver of the Buick noticed the impending crash in their rearview mirror and was able to inch forward as the truck careened towards the SUV. It looks as though they managed to just avoid being hit by the pickup.

As for what caused the truck to suddenly swerve to the right? It could be that the driver suddenly hit the brakes and this sent the truck to the right. However, from what we can see, in all likelihood the truck oversteered and, at that speed and with so little room available, its driver simply couldn’t avoid crashing.

It is unclear if the driver and passenger of the pickup were injured in the crash.

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