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1,100 HP Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Shows Tesla Model S Plaid It’s Not Invincible

<!––> <!––> With customer deliveries of the Tesla Model S Plaid well under way, it’s hardly a surprise that videos of the EV being put to the test on the drag strip have started to flood the net. As expected, the tri-motor electric powertrain of the Model S Plaid makes it astonishingly quick. So quick […]

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Raptor Not Good Enough? Ford Super Duty-Based MegaRaptor Should Do The Trick

The F-150 Raptor in the US and the smaller Ranger Raptor in Europe have proven to be quite popular, as everyone seems to love off-road capable and performance-oriented pickups. But what happens if both of those trucks are too small for your taste? MegaRexx Trucks from North Carolina has the answer with their custom-built MegaRaptor. […]

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Stellantis Announces They Will Be Forming Their Own Design Studio

Stellantis has announced the formation of the new Stellantis Design Studio, a creative agency that will provide design services for companies dealing with everything from transportation, to industrial, to manufacturing, and more. The new studio looks to build on the current Peugeot Design Lab’s nine years of experience and over 120 collaborations, as well as […]

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