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Didn’t change your Twitch password after the data leak? You should. Here’s how – CNET

Wildly popular streaming platform Twitch suffered a data leak. Make sure to lock down your account. Getty Images Popular streaming platform Twitch confirmed that it was the victim of a data leak last week, which included source code and earnings. Twitch said it doesn’t believe credit card numbers or login credentials were exposed, and cited a server configuration error. […]

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Nintendo history: Every major Nintendo console from NES to Switch

Table of contents 01Before home consoles02NES03Game Boy04Super Nintendo05Virtual Boy06N6407Game Boy Advance08GameCube09DS10Wii113DS12Wii U13Switch Nintendo’s history is synonymous with gaming, to the point that many people around the world used “Nintendo” as a generic name for a gaming console in the 80s and 90s. Formed in 1889, the colossus dabbled in a variety of other businesses (including […]

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