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The 22-year-old 3D-printing schools

Maggie Grout started the NGO, Thinking Huts, as a teenager, with the aim of 3D-printing schools in countries where some children lack the opportunity to get an education. She has just printed her first school in Madagascar – only the second 3D-printed school in the world. Printing schools is fast, once the printer is set […]

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Imaging Contrast Dye Shortage Delays Tests for Diseases

Doctors cannot seem to pinpoint what is wrong with Michael Quintos. Mr. Quintos, 53, a Chicago resident, has constant stomach pain. He has been hospitalized, and his doctors have tried everything including antibiotics, antacids, even removing his appendix. “I still don’t feel good,” Mr. Quintos said. His doctors recommend using a CT scan with contrast, […]

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Live Video: Boeing’s Starliner Lands on Earth

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft returned to Earth on Wednesday after a largely successful uncrewed test flight that included four and a half days docked at the International Space Station. “It was a picture-perfect landing,” Steve Stich, manager of the commercial crew program at NASA, said during a news conference a couple of hours later. “The test […]

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