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Armv9 heralds the next-generation of smartphone CPUs

Credit: Arm Every processor ever built contains an underlying “architecture,” representing deep-seated characteristics that transcend any single CPU core or physical design. This architecture defines how a processor works, what it can do, how memory is accessed, and much more. A change in processor architecture marks a major milestone, complete with all-new physical hardware designs, […]

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Qualcomm President Lauds Apple M1 Chip, Says a ‘Very Good Sign’ for Future of Computing

In the latest interview with The Verge, Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon praised Apple for its M1 chip. According to Amon, the success of Apple M1 “validates” Qualcomm’s theory that “mobile user is defining what they expect out of the PC experience.” Qualcomm and Apple have a bitter history, involving many legal battles. Apple, earlier, relied […]

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Here’s how Arm’s latest CPU targets laptop and handheld console performance

4 hours ago [embedded content] A few days ago, Arm quietly launched its Cortex-A78C CPU core in a blog post. The processor builds on the previously announced Cortex-A78, but with a higher performance target than smartphones. The Cortex-A78C is designed primarily for always-connected laptops and other high-performance, battery-powered products. With Arm-powered Macs right around the […]

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