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2020 Was A Great Year For Hot Hatches And A Bad Year For Easy Buying Decisions

It may never have been harder to pick a new hot hatch than it is today. With so many great options to choose from, especially for Europeans (and whatever UK residents call themselves now), choice paralysis must surely be at an all time high. Fortunately, Top Gear is here with its latest YouTube video designed […]

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Audi S3, BMW M135i And Mercedes-AMG A35 Settle Their Differences In A Series Of Tests

Here’s a question: if you wanted a premium hot hatch but don’t want to spend a small fortune on something like a Mercedes-AMG A45/A45 S, what should you get? This series of challenges tries to give an answer by putting three of premium hot hatchbacks against each other. The models are the Mercedes-AMG A35, the […]

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