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C8 Corvette Vs. BMW M4 Competition In 500 HP Sports Car Shootout

If you’re lucky enough to have $70,000 to spend on a car and your buying criteria includes head-turning looks and the kind of power that can incinerate a set of tires before you’ve even left the dealer’s lot, you’re spoiled for choice. That kind of money gets you into all manner of high performance front-engined […]

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QOTD: What Are The Dumbest New Car Features And Options?

When it comes to luxury and convenience features on new cars, we’ve never had it so good. Even the most ordinary family cars often come with the kind of gadgets that were reserved for six-figure CEO mobiles a generation ago – if they even existed at all. Most of that equipment make out cars safer […]

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‘Hybrid Charger’ System For BMW M2, M3, And M4 To Deliver Up To 1,000 HP

Infinitas, a German manufacturer of performance-focused BMW parts, has just announced its new ‘Hybrid Charger’ system for the S55B30 engine powering F8x series M3 and M4 models as well as the M2 Competition and M2 CS. The system consists of a combined compressor and biturbo charging, with the compressor connected upstream from the OEM turbochargers. […]

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