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BMW Shows Off Electric Tricycle And FWD Scooter As Urban Transportation Solutions

BMW is trying to think of ways to make moving around a city better and it has come up with two new electric concepts. Unlike BMW’s usual products, though, both are also human-powered. The Concept DYNAMIC CARGO and the Concept CLEVER COMMUTE are an e-tricycle and an e-scooter, respectively, that BMW hopes will help city-dwellers […]

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C8 Corvette Vs. BMW M4 Competition In 500 HP Sports Car Shootout

If you’re lucky enough to have $70,000 to spend on a car and your buying criteria includes head-turning looks and the kind of power that can incinerate a set of tires before you’ve even left the dealer’s lot, you’re spoiled for choice. That kind of money gets you into all manner of high performance front-engined […]

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Porsche Taycan And BMW M5 Can’t Worry The Rimac Nevera, But How Did Their Race Turn Out?

Rimac’s electric Nevera hypercar has become the new king of drag races. It was able to wipe the floor with the Ferrari SF90, one of the fastest performance road cars you can buy today, but how does it fare against more “average” cars like the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and BMW M5 Competition? Carwow finds […]

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