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Not Focusing On Performance And Aggression Might Be The Ferrari Roma’s Best Feature

When we think of Italian cars, we tend to think of elegance and performance. For a number of years, though, Ferrari has focused on the latter. Hagerty’s Jason Cammisa argues that the new Roma balances the scales again. Although there’s no denying that cars like the Enzo are stunning performers, you wouldn’t exactly call them […]

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Ferrari’s Sales Hurt By The Pandemic, Global Deliveries Down 17%

The automotive industry is still trying to recover from the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic (and brace itself for the second wave) and, unsurprisingly, sales have suffered. Not all automakers were hurt the same, though. Porsche, for one, posted a moderate decline of only 5 percent in the first nine months of the year. […]

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F430 Designer Loves Ferrari’s Roma, Would Still Change A Thing Or Two

The Ferrari Roma’s styling has been a popular discussion topic among automotive enthusiasts ever since’s Maranello’s “entry-level” gran turismo debuted in late 2019. Many people like it because it brings a welcome change in Ferrari’s design direction, while others find it too generic and a bit soft for a car that sports the Prancing Horse […]

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