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10 Crazy Modified Exotics From The 1980s European Tuning Scene

Earlier this week we ran a story about the Rinspeed R69 Porsche Testarossa up for auction on Collecting Cars. The mutant coupe started life as a sane 911 Turbo before being brutally reshaped in the mid 1980s by Swiss tuning house Rinspeed – the same company that would later go on to create the even […]

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Abandoned Ferrari Testarossa Was Sitting In The Puerto Rican Sun For 17 Years

<!––> <!––> A YouTuber has uncovered a Ferrari Testarossa that has been sitting outside a property in Puerto Rico for 17 years. Not too long ago, YouTuber Ratarossa tracked down a Ferrari F40 that had been pictured abandoned in Iraq. While he wanted to purchase and restore the car to its former glory, the owner […]

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Here’s Why The Ferrari Testarossa Is One Of The Most Misunderstood Icons Of The 1980s

The Ferrari Testarossa is perhaps the most iconic poster car from the 1980s, dominating a whole era of performance cars but in reality, it was never engineered to be a razor-sharp, canyon-munching supercar. Jason Cammisa of Issimi explains in his latest video why the Testarossa is one of Ferrari’s most misunderstood models. In a nutshell, […]

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