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Porsche Reveals New Infotainment Software With Improved Looks, Better Route Planning For Taycan, Native Spotify

Porsche announced today that it is updating the infotainment system in a number of its vehicles. Now in its sixth generation, the Porsche Communication Management system will offer new features, update the system’s appearance, and improve route planning for electric vehicles. Music lovers and fans of podcasts who drive the 911, Cayenne, Panamera, and the […]

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Is Too Much Onboard Car Tech Making Cars Unsafe? Safety Experts Think So

We’ve all done it. Been momentarily distracted looking at our phone, or our car’s radio or navigation system when we should have been looking at the road ahead, only to glance up just in time to avoid a pothole, another car, a dog or worse. Maybe some of you haven’t regained concentration in time, and […]

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