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Ford’s Mustang Mach-E And 7 Other Controversial Cars And Tech That Won The Haters Over

Calling its new EV the Mustang Mach-E was a marketing masterstroke for Ford. It generated a stack more column inches than any ordinary new Ford EV would have received, it added some much welcome familiarity to potential buyers feeling a little scared about switching to electric power, and you want to be bombarded with abuse […]

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All The New Electric Sedans Coming Before 2023 That We Can’t Wait To Drive

The electric revolution is picking up pace so quickly it’s about to break out into a full-blown sprint. We’ve counted almost 50 EVs that will be on sale or unveiled over the next couple of years, and have grouped them together into market segments to make more sense of the barrage. This week, we’re looking […]

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These Are The Fastest Cars From Every Major Car Manufacturer

While auto manufacturers today have an extended range of models in their arsenal that are designed for different purposes such as comfort, efficiency, and off-roading, there is one area that is often quoted on spec sheets that makes takes us back to the days of comparing “Top Trumps” cards: top speed. Matt Watson from Carwow […]

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