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Apple Starts Selling Refurbished M1 13-Inch MacBook Pro in the US and Canada

Following the release of the M1 MacBook Pro in November last year, Apple has now started selling refurbished units of the machine on its online store in the United States and Canada. Refurbished Macs from Apple carry the same standard one-year warranty as new retail products, with their benefit being that they carry a 15% […]

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20+ Best M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Tips and Tricks

After 15 years of using Intel CPUs in its Mac lineup, Apple finally transitioned to its in-house Apple Silicon chip. The first iteration — dubbed the M1 — has exceeded all expectations with mind-blowing performance and power-efficiency. The M1 MacBook Air, in particular, is significantly faster than its predecessor by an astounding 3.5 times and […]

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