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Daimler’s Dirty Diesels Aren’t A Dime A Dozen, Company To Pay $1.5 Billion For Emissions Cheating

The United States Department of Justice, Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board have agreed to a $1.5 (£1.2 / €1.3) billion settlement with Daimler to resolve “alleged” violations of the Clean Air Act and California law. Under the proposed settlement, Daimler will recall and repair the emission systems in diesel-powered Mercedes sold in […]

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Quick Thinking And Acting Driver Avoids Participating In Multi Car Pile-Up

If there’s anything worse than actually crashing a car you’re driving, it’s being rear-ended by someone else when you’re minding your own business. The clip below was filmed in Arizona and starts off by showing a host of cars slowing for a red light when a silver pickup truck slams into the rear of a […]

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Mercedes Settles Mold Lawsuit With 2.5 Million U.S. Owners

If you’re a diehard BMW or Audi fan, you might think Mercedes “stinks” due to various yet purely subjective reasons. However, if you’re one of the 2.5 million unlucky Mercedes owners with mold inside their HVAC systems, you definitely know your car stinks. Thankfully, the German carmaker has finally agreed to settle its HVAC mold […]

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