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Why Doesn’t Tesla Figure In This Fantasy Mash-Up Of The ‘Perfect’ EV?

Though we’ve all got our favorites, there’s no such thing as the perfect car. Lamborghini’s Huracan sounds better than a Ferrari F8 Tributo, and while a McLaren 720S is quicker than both, the naturally aspirated Lambo wipes the floor with them for throttle response. World EV Day – Yes, There’s One For That Too It’s […]

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MG Expanding Into Germany And Other Major EU Markets

MG Motor is expanding to all major European markets, including Germany (the largest one), as it continues its electrified offensive on the industry. The SAIC Motor-owned British carmaker is currently advertising senior sales positions in Germany, Spain and Italy. While a specific timeline for the expansion hasn’t been released, the company’s German language website says […]

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The 2021 MG5 Is An All-Electric 214-Mile Compact Estate That Looks Like A VW And Is Priced From £24,495

MG is expanding its all-electric lineup in the UK with the all-new MG5 EV compact estate. Despite MG’s claims, the fully-electric compact estate model isn’t all-new as parent company SAIC has been selling it in China for almost three years now as the Roewe Ei5. You can see that in the styling, which is not […]

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