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California Police Find Mercedes Involved In Burglary With James Bond-Style Flipping License Plate

Police seizing a Mercedes-Benz from two burglary suspects after receiving a resident’s tip in Irvine, California, doesn’t sound surprising (unfortunately), what does though, are the MI5-level gadgets they used and which would make Q proud, including a push-button rotating license plate. “The suspect vehicle was something out of @007 movie [sic],” the Irvine Police Department […]

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Police Arrest Man For Driving Maserati Down Rome’s Historic ‘Spanish Steps’

<!––> <!––> Police in Italy have arrested a 37-year-old man for driving a rented Maserati Levante down Rome’s iconic Trinità dei Monti stairs, also known as the Spanish Steps. CCTV footage captured the black Levante driving down the steps in the early hours of the morning. Evidently, the driver of the Maserati didn’t really think […]

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Nine Arrested After Boldly Stealing 5 New Camaros From GM’s Lansing Plant

Police in Michigan have arrested nine individuals after five new Chevrolet Camaro models were stolen from the General Motors plant in Lansing. Michigan State Police were first alerted to the stolen Camaros at approximately 12:17 a.m. on May 2, prompting troopers to flood I-96 in order to locate them. Before long, five of the stolen […]

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