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Is The Flagship V8 Defender Worth The Premium Over The Plug-In Hybrid?

If you’re a car enthusiast, off-road aficionado, or have any knowledge of British motoring, you probably have a good idea of how significant the new generation Defender is. The most powerful variant is the P525 with its massive 518 hp supercharged V8, while the more subtle P400e 2.0 plug-in hybrid makes do with 398 hp. […]

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Driven: The 2022 Audi S3 And A3 Are Your Fast And Sensible Baby Executive Sedans

While many sedans are facing an existential crisis these days, there’s one sub-segment that’s been quietly thriving with new entries. Until recently, your only choice for a small executive sedan in the USA were Audi’s elegant A3 and Mercedes’ swoopier CLA. Now, aside from those two, BMW offers its FWD-based 2-Series Gran Coupe and Mercedes […]

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Driven: Lamborghini’s Incredible Huracan STO Is Unrecognizable From The Too-Sensible 2014 Original

Lamborghini’s Huracan is approaching its twilight years. Come 2024, a full decade after it was launched, it will replaced by a brand new supercar complete with turbocharged V8 power, hybrid assistance and a silent EV city mode. In some ways, it can’t come soon enough. Next to supercars like the Ferrari F8 Tributo, the standard […]

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