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10 Crazy Modified Exotics From The 1980s European Tuning Scene

Earlier this week we ran a story about the Rinspeed R69 Porsche Testarossa up for auction on Collecting Cars. The mutant coupe started life as a sane 911 Turbo before being brutally reshaped in the mid 1980s by Swiss tuning house Rinspeed – the same company that would later go on to create the even […]

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1981 RUF BTR Is What Classic Porsche 911 Dreams Are Made Of

This Porsche 911 started life in 1981 as a Turbo Coupe, finished in white and equipped with a black headliner, electric sunroof and tinted windshield. Six years later, its owner had it converted to the BTR specification by RUF. The engine was upgraded, increasing displacement to 3.4 liters and getting a new intercooler, additional front […]

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RUF To Supply Engines For Marc Philipp Gemballa’s 750 HP Dakar-959-Inspired Supercar

RUF Automobile, best known for manufacturing original vehicles using unmarked Porsche chassis, have signed a deal with Marc Philipp Gemballa, son of the legendary Uwe Gemballa, to produce a new off-road-capable supercar. The car is inspired by the Porsche 959, specifically in Paris-Dakar trim. It was conceived by Mark Philipp Gemballa GmbH and it’s the […]

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