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Toyota And Lexus Need To Fix 460,000 Vehicles In The U.S. Due To Stability Control Issue

Toyota has issued a recall for approximately 460,000 vehicles across the United States due to an issue with the vehicle stability control (VSC) system. An investigation from the car manufacturer has revealed that a software error means the VSC may not default to ‘On’ when the vehicle is started under certain circumstances, meaning it isn’t […]

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2022 Toyota Mirai Gains Hands-Free Teammate Semi-Autonomous Driving System

The Toyota Mirai is a technological showcase and that’s especially true for 2022 as the hydrogen-powered flagship is now available with Teammate driver assistance technology. Available exclusively on the $66,000 Mirai Limited, the Teammate system has two functions known as Advanced Drive and Advanced Park. Advanced Park come standard on the Limited and it allows […]

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Manufacturers Keep Sponsoring Hypermilers, But Is It Relevant To Would-Be EV Adopters?

If, like me, you’ve ever been stuck behind the wheel of an electric car and found that a charging station is inoperable, there’s a great chance you’ve experienced range anxiety. Range anxiety is still one of the most significant barriers to entry for those drivers (aka the vast majority) brought up on five- to 10-minute […]

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