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Toyota Unveils Supra Sport Top And TRD-Sport Trailer Concept

Toyota has just unleashed its second wave of SEMA360 Showcase cars onto the web, featuring the 2021 GR Supra Sport Top, a TRD-Sport trailer concept for the Tacoma, as well as another look at the 2020 GR Supra Heritage Edition model. The latter is what largely inspired Toyota to come up with the new 2021 […]

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TRD Gives New Toyota Yaris Cross A Sweet Rally Kit, Modellista Joins The Tuning Party Too

Toyota’s in-house tuners TRD and Modellista have released aftermarket parts for the new Yaris Cross on the same day the subcompact SUV debuted in Japan. As with the regular Yaris, TRD and Modellista adopt different styling directions: the former enhances the Yaris Cross’ off-road character while the latter makes it more street smart. Starting off […]

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2021 Toyota Harrier Gets A TRD Makeover In Japan, Will America’s Venza Follow It?

The new generation Toyota Harrier, aka America’s Venza, has tapped into its sportier side in Japan, with the addition of new TRD parts. Mind you, they don’t improve the performance of the crossover, but they do help boost the visual appearance, giving it a more youthful flair. The aero kit includes the new front apron, […]

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