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Design Trends: Lit Grilles Are On Fire Right Now

For more than a century carmakers have used the design of radiator grilles to help us clearly identify their cars from rival products. It’s the reason you can spot a BMW or Rolls Royce from miles away. But you can’t spot grilles in the dark, so in recent years carmakers took advantage of improvements in lighting […]

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Design Trends: Super-Slim Headlights Are Taking Over

Changes in automotive lighting technology and style have helped radically alter the look of cars over the past 100 years and given us some memorable faces and fashions. Think of pop-up headlamps, which appeared on the 1936 Cord 810, but would define the look of so many sports cars and supercars throughout the 1970s, ‘80s […]

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Design Trends: Car Brand And Model Names Go Wide And Large

Designing cars isn’t as simple as doodling on a notepad. That clean sheet of paper can very soon look cluttered by the time you’ve accounted for the packaging requirements of the engineering team and marketing department, safety legislation, efficiency-promoting aerodynamics, and, quite often, the conservative tastes of the average car buyer. It’s no wonder so […]

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