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Ford Won’t Offer New Bronco In Right-Hand Drive Markets Like Australia, UK And Japan

The Ford Bronco will not be produced in right-hand drive form and as such, it will not be exported to countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and the UK. While the Bronco was partly developed in Australia and uses components from the Ranger’s chassis in its construction, speaking with Carsguide, Ford Australia chief […]

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British Company Is Developing A $2 Million Hydrogen Hypercar With 1,100 HP

A British engineering company by the name of Viritech has previewed a hydrogen-powered hypercar it is in the midst of developing. Dubbed the Apricale, it is being designed primarily as a technical showcase for the company’s hydrogen fuel-cell technology and aims to demonstrate the advantages of hydrogen vehicles over electric powertrains. What this being said, […]

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