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The real-life Pinkertons take issue with their inclusion in Red Dead Redemption 2

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Red Dead creator Rockstar Games, is duking it out in court with the Pinkerton Detective Agency — yes, they still exist, apparently. The Pinkerton Detective Agency, who appear in fictional form in Red Dead Redemption 2, issued a cease-and-desist letter to Take-Two, asking for royalties for the […]

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Verizon is testing a cloud gaming platform on Nvidia Shield

Following its failed venture in video streaming with the ill-fated Go90 service, Verizon is moving on to new streaming pastures. According to The Verge, the telecom giant is currently testing a cloud gaming service called Verizon Gaming with a small group of Nvidia Shield users. Testers have apparently each been given a free Nvidia Shield […]

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Alien Blackout backlash shows fans and creators see mobile very differently

Fans and game makers are clashing over a newly revealed mobile game, Alien Blackout. A continuation of the Alien series, revived so spectacularly with 2014’s Alien Isolation, the game has fans crying foul and developers raising a confused eyebrow. Two very different attitudes towards mobile gaming are starting to meet — one which focuses […]

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