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Imagine T. Rex. Now Imagine It With Lips.

Brimming with serrated teeth bigger than bananas, Tyrannosaurus rex’s fanged maw is iconic. Many depictions of the prehistoric predator show its teeth sticking out even when its mouth is closed, like a snaggletoothed crocodile. However, some paleontologists think T. rexes need some serious lip filler. In a study published Thursday in Science, researchers posit that […]

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This Is What It Sounds Like When Plants Cry

Humans have glorious ways of vocalizing discontent: We grumble, grouse, gripe, groan, moan. One might think airing complaints requires, at the very least, a mouth. But recent research from the plant kingdom shows that a mouth isn’t essential. Stressed plants make audible sounds that can be heard many feet away, and the type of sound […]

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