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Future AirPods Can Adjust Audio Playback in Response to External Hazards

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted a total of 77 new patents for Apple. One of the interesting patent details a slew of new safety features for AirPods Pro. The list includes safety features and a rather outlandish exercise mat fitted with sensors. The patent details an AirPods Pro feature that takes into […]

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Amazon Is Offering Huge Discounts on AirPods Pro, 13-Inch MacBook Pro

Amazon and others were offering some great deals on Apple Products this 4th of July. Don’t worry if you missed the deals. Amazon is now offering huge discounts on AirPods Pro and 13-inch MacBook Pro while B&H on the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Thats not all, we have also discovered great deals on Apple accessories. AirPods […]

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Apple Adds Optimized Charging Feature for AirPods to Slow Down Battery Aging

Apple announced many new features for its products during its WWDC 2020 online keynote. Even though it showcased plenty of new features, there are dozens of small and nifty features that the company couldn’t display during the event and we’re discovering them slowly. One such feature is optimized charging for the AirPods to improve battery […]

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