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How to use gestures and gesture-based navigation in your Android app

Out-of-the-box, Android’s standard UI components support a range of Android gestures, but occasionally your app may need to support more than just onClick! In this Android gesture tutorial, we’ll be covering everything you need to implement a range of Android gestures. We’ll be creating a range of simple applications that provide an insight into the […]

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Arm processors will soon become faster than ever thanks to custom instructions

[embedded content] Arm just dropped a big announcement at Arm TechCon: Support for custom instructions is headed to its Armv8-M CPUs and possibly more Arm product ranges in the near future. Arm sees this as having huge applications in the IoT, 5G, and machine learning spaces in particular. For consumers, it means more power-efficient hardware, […]

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Protect your users’ privacy: Android app security for developers

If you’re going to hang onto your audience and your reputation as a trustworthy Android developer, then you need to take Android app security seriously as a developer. If your app ever leaks private data, then you’re at risk of losing a large portion of your audience. Today’s tech-savvy mobile users understand that the best […]

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