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The best cyber security courses for career advancement and personal security

The best cyber security courses can advance your career, build a futureproof resume, and even help you protect your own personal data. Cyber security specialist is arguably one of the more glamorous roles for an IT professional. Hollywood has a fascination with cyber warfare and the idea of large companies being “hacked” by malicious-yet-ingenious bad […]

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What is Microsoft Azure? Azure certification for professionals

Cloud platforms, also referred to as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), are used by a wide variety of businesses to store data, handle machine-learning, and more. IT professionals looking to enhance their resume should therefore consider certification for these tools. As one of the biggest options on the market, that includes Microsoft Azure. See also: […]

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The best AWS courses for professionals

AWS courses aim to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to attain AWS certification. This, in turn, provides IT professionals with demonstrable skills that are widely sought after by employers. One survey conducted in 2018, suggested that AWS certification could increase a professional’s average salary by 20% on average. Also read: What is AWS certification? […]

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