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How to become an Associate Android Developer, and is it worth it?

Associate Android Developer is a certification from Google that may enhance your career as a developer. In this post, we’ll explore why. Developing Android apps isn’t particularly hard. The hard part is developing good Android apps, and proving that to clients. Getting a certification will help with that, and what better organization to be certified […]

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Create a scrollable widget for your Android app

Since the early days of the OS, widgets for Android have allowed users to engage with their favourite apps, from the comfort of their homescreen. So how do you create an Android widget? For the developer, widgets give your application a valuable presence on the user’s homescreen. Instead of being tucked out of sight in […]

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Dark theme, Thermal API and Bubbles: Getting your app ready for Android Q

The latest, greatest, as-yet-unnamed version of Android introduces features and APIs that you can use to design new experiences for your users — plus a few behavioral changes that you’ll need to watch out for. Even if you’re not updating your app to target Android Q just yet, some of these changes will impact every […]

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