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Apple’s Mastered for iTunes is now Apple Digital Masters

Apple has announced a new initiative called “Apple Digital Masters.” Earlier, the company was running a program called Mastered for iTunes. It seems like Apple has rebranded the Mastered for iTunes into Apple Digital Masters. Mastered for iTunes aimed at preserving and offering high-quality audio. With this program timeless albums from Led Zeppelin, The Beatles […]

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Report: Amazon Music Unlimited Growing Faster Than Apple Music and Spotify

Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service has registered a staggering growth of more than 70% in the past year. According to Financial Times Amazon Music currently has 32 million subscribers. It is worth noting that Apple Music Unlimited or Spotify is way ahead with 60-million and 100-million users. In fact, just recently Eddy Cue mentioned that […]

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Apple Music Hits yet Another Milestone; Eddy Cue Confirms 60-Million Paid Users

Apple Music has hit a new paid subscribers milestone. Apple’s Services VP Eddy Cue told Numerama, a French Publication that Apple now has over 60 million paying users worldwide. This doesn’t come as a shock, especially since Apple had confirmed 50 million paid subscribers for Apple Music in January this year. Cue told the reporter […]

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