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The best prepaid and no contract plans in the US (September 2019)

When we first started this prepaid carrier list in 2012, things were starting to get truly exciting. It’s now 2019 and prepaid is no longer just for those with poor credit or tight finances, it’s perfect for those that want more flexibility or the freedom to switch carriers as soon as a better deal comes […]

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Amazon may be the only hope to make the T-Mobile/Sprint merger happen

Amazon Another wrinkle in the ongoing merger saga of T-Mobile and Sprint has emerged, and it involves one of the biggest tech companies. Reuters reports, via unnamed sources, that Amazon has expressed interest in acquiring Boost Mobile, the no-contract carrier that has been a long-time subsidiary of Sprint. Editor’s Pick T-Mobile Sprint Merger: Everything you […]

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Best prepaid phones (May 2019)

There was a time when prepaid plans were reserved almost exclusively for young people and often the “credit challenged.” After all, prepaid phone plans were generally less impressive than carrier plans, with too many restrictions to make them appealing, and prepaid phones were just a small step better than utter garbage. Thankfully, this situation has […]

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