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10 Supposedly Fast Cars That Can’t Beat The 6,217 lbs Cadillac Escalade-V To 60 MPH

Cadillac finally unveiled the 2022 Escalade-V earlier this week, a monster-sized and monster-powered SUV that comes with some fairly jaw dropping numbers. The first of those is the 6,217 lbs (2820 kg) curb weight figure (the stretched ESV is 6,407 lbs/2,906 kg), which makes it almost as heavy as three Mazda MX-5 Miatas, or the […]

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Fitting A Road Car With F1 Tires Isn’t As Good Of An Idea As You Might Think

Even without their incredibly advanced aerodynamics that help them stay glued to the track, Formula 1 cars still have immense amounts of grip thanks to their specialized tires. Based on that, you’d think that any car wearing these tires would be significantly quicker around a track than with normal ones. However, Driven Media actually tried […]

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