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Another Tesla Goes Topless As Roof Flies Off While Driving On The Motorway, Company Blames Repair Shop

A Tesla Model S was filmed traveling down a motorway in China when its roof flew off. The video was first shared online on Weibo and quickly gained attention on the popular Chinese social media website. It shows a Model S driving down the right lane of the motorway when, all of a sudden, the […]

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China’s 2021 Kia Sportage Ace Comes With Dramatic New Looks, Including A Larger Than Life Grille

<!––> <!––> The facelifted Kia Sportage has just been unveiled in Chinese guise at the Guangzhou Auto Show and it’s quite striking, to say the least. Mind you, the Sportage sold in China is not the same as the one sold in international markets. The current generation model is based on the Hyundai ix35 and […]

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