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A Look Inside The Kia Dealership In New Jersey That Sells Lambos, McLarens, GT-Rs And Other Exotics

Last week, we reported on a Kia dealership trending online that stocks all kinds of luxury, sports, and exotic cars alongside their normal inventory. Naturally, we were curious, so we went to check the dealership out in person, and the story as to why those cars are there was so much more than we could […]

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Would You Buy A Used Nissan Leaf That Has Less Range Than An E-Scooter?

Bigger batteries and more charging stations are helping remove the range anxiety that was preventing many from buying a new electric car. Most modern family-sized EVs can do 200 miles (322 km) or more, which is usually enough for anyone not regularly needing to cross areas of the country where charging station availability can’t be […]

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