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We asked, you told us: AA readers will buy the Xbox Series S instead of Series X

All the upcoming consoles from Microsoft and Sony have been announced. Last week, Microsoft detailed the specs of the cheaper Xbox Series S and also disclosed its price alongside the price of the more premium Xbox Series X. While we await Sony’s PlayStation 5 pricing announcement (likely today), we asked you if you would buy […]

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PlayStation 5 production woes mean they might be in short supply (Update)

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has reportedly been plagued by chipset production issues. As a result, production estimates have reportedly been cut by four million units. Sony has disputed this news, claiming that it’s “false.” Update, September 16, 2020 (1:30 AM ET): Sony has provided a statement to Bloomberg stating that it has not revised its production […]

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Game streaming now OK for iPhone, with big caveats (Update: Microsoft statement)

Update: September 11, 2020 (04:52 PM ET): Microsoft has now issued a statement related to the news below. As one might have expected, Microsoft doesn’t think Apple’s new policy towards game streaming on iOS is all that great. Here is the statement Microsoft gave to The Verge earlier today: This remains a bad experience for customers. […]

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