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Gordon Murray T50 Hypercar: Bespoke V12 Engine Undergoes First Tests At Over 12k RPM

Gordon Murray Automotive celebrates the launch of their website with a short video showing the T50 hypercar’s naturally aspirated V12 engine being tested on Cosworth’s facilities. The video shows Cosworth bench-testing a mule three-cylinder version of the V12 engine, revving it at just over 12,100 rpm and performing preliminary emissions testing. Read More: Gordon Murray […]

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Gordon Murray Pulled Apart His Personal Alpine A110 To See Why It’s So Good

Gordon Murray, the creative genius behind the iconic McLaren F1, wasn’t planning on benchmarking another car against the upcoming T.50 hypercar, but that changed when he had his personal Alpine A110 delivered to him. Talking to Car Throttle, Murray confessed that he would originally use the 30,000 miles he’s done in a McLaren F1 as […]

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Gordon Murray T.50: McLaren F1 Successor’s Rear Fan Looks Like A Sci-Fi Thruster

Gordon Murray Automotive has shared the first official image of the upcoming T.50 supercar, a successor of  sorts to the legendary McLaren F1, which aims to offer the most advanced, most effective aerodynamics ever seen on a road-legal vehicle. As you might have spotted, Murray’s T.50 will feature a 400mm ground-effect fan on the rear […]

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