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Google Nest Hub Max review: Not the cheapest, but the best

[embedded content] Last spring Google announced the Nest Hub Max, the first product from its new Google Nest co-brand. Google’s latest smart display looks nearly identical to the original Home Hub but adds new functionality including a camera, a larger display, and some of the Nest Cam’s DNA. The Google Nest Hub Max packs plenty […]

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Google needs to copy Alexa’s ability to delete voice recordings

Opinion post by Justin Duino Having voice assistants built into smart speakers and smart displays can be daunting. To enjoy the convenience of asking the Assistant or Alexa questions at any given moment, you must have always-listening microphones around you at all times. While Google and Amazon promise that the devices only listen for its […]

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Google Nest rebranding leaves a lot of questions unanswered

Opinion post by Andrew Grush We’ve known for a while Google planned to rebrand Nest, but at Google I/O 2019 it officially happened. Initially many believed Google might end up rebranding Nest products with the Google Home moniker. It turns out the opposite is true. Google’s smart devices will now fall under the new Google […]

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