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Sick of messages from unknown businesses? Google will help you now

Google These days, our SMS inboxes are full of messages from businesses, retailers, and various online service providers. Some of these are useful, such as one-time passwords, account alerts or appointment confirmations. However, these messages come from random numbers and it’s hard to tell if they’re from legitimate sources or from bad actors posing as […]

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Yesterday’s Pixel 4 ‘feature drop’? You can expect more of those each quarter.

Yesterday, there was a Google Pixel 4 “feature drop” that landed quite unexpectedly. The update came with a bevy of new features, including new photo editing tools, enhanced Call Screening, improved Duo calls, and more. Now, according to statements given to The Verge, Google is proclaiming that its goal is to make feature drops such as this […]

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New Chrome security upgrades, password protections, and new profile design

Today, Google announced a whole slew of new features coming to the Google Chrome browser. The new features will make your online life safer and easier. The first Google Chrome upgrade is probably the most important and powerful. Starting soon, Chrome will actually warn you if the username/password combination you’ve just entered into a website […]

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