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Honda Has No Plans For An AWD Version Of The 2022 Civic, Spokesperson Confirms

On Tuesday, Honda previewed the all-new eleventh generation 2022 Civic in pre-production form. Looking like a smaller Accord, the compact car that will be put together in North America, will launch next spring first as a sedan, followed by a hatchback and the sportier Si and Type R specifications. Now, did you by any chance hope […]

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Honda’s 1991 Civic Si Has Just 108 HP But Is Actually Fun To Drive

<!––> <!––> While the hot hatches from Honda that most people are familiar bear the Type R moniker, there was a time when the flagship performance Civic was dubbed the ‘Si’. As Doug DeMuro says in his most recent review, Honda’s first hot hatchback came in the form of the third-generation Civic Si in the […]

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