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Airline Crew Members Caught Smuggling $50 Million Worth iPhones, iPads, and More

Ten crew members of Aeroflot Airlines have been charged with smuggling $50 million worth stolen electronic devices from the US to Russia. These electronic devices included iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. The smuggling operation was discovered when the luggage of crew members was inspected. The inspection revealed that the crew members were carrying many devices […]

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Microsoft Will Bring Its Game Streaming Service to iPhones and iPads Using a Browser-Based Solution

Due to the iOS App Store guidelines, Microsoft and Google have not been able to bring their cloud-based gaming solutions to iPhones and iPads despite Apple tweaking the App Store rules for them. Not to give up so easily, Microsoft is reportedly developing a browser-based version of xCloud that will be available on iOS and […]

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Apple Executive Says New iPad Air’s Touch ID Power Button an ‘Incredible Feat of Engineering’

With the new iPad Air refresh, Apple debuted a Touch ID-integrated power button. Apple’s VP of Product Marketing Bob Borchers and VP of Hardware Engineering John Ternus have now talked about the new iPad and its Touch ID implementation in the latest Same Brain podcast episode. Talking about integrating Touch ID into the power button, Borchers […]

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