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Teardown Reveals iPhone 11 Pro Max Is Estimated to Cost Apple Only $490.50 to Make

iPhones has often drawn criticism for being very expensive or unaffordable. A recent analysis by TechInsights breaks down the price for each component of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and does a tally of the same. The 6.5-inch display on the iPhone 11 Pro costs roughly $66.50. Meanwhile, the battery procured from Samsung costs around […]

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DxOMark Says iPhone XS Max Has Better Audio Playback Quality than iPhone 11 Pro Max

DxOMark, known for its camera tests, has announced another test protocol: DxOMark Audio. The company will test the audio recording and playback quality of smartphones with its new testing standards. DxOMark already tests the video quality of all smartphones but that test does not put much emphasis on audio recording and playback quality. To clarify, […]

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Camera shootout: Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Apple’s latest iPhone brought the ‘pro’ to imaging, in my opinion (see the full iPhone 11 Pro review), but how does it compare to, arguably, the best* all round phone camera in the Android world? The Galaxy Note 10+ is very new (just over a month), has the same triple camera ambition, and is the […]

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