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Samsung’s ‘iTest’ Website Simulates a Galaxy Device Experience on Your iPhone

Samsung has launched an interactive website called “iTest” to allow iPhone users to experience a Galaxy device on their handset. The company is currently advertising the website in New Zealand. When one visits the iTest website in New Zealand on their iPhone, they are prompted to install a web app on their Home Screen. Tapping […]

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Apple’s Independent Repair Provider Program Now Available Globally

Apple today announced that it is expanding its Independent Repair Program to over 200 countries worldwide. With this expansion, the company’s Independent Repair program will be available in “nearly every country” where Apple products are sold. The repair program provides third-party repair stores with access to genuine Apple parts, tools, repair guides, and more thereby […]

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Apple Says iPhone App Distribution ‘Far From Limited’ to the App Store

Apple has told the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that developers have multiple ways to reach iOS users and are not limited to just using the App Store. The ACCC is currently investigating Apple for using the App Store’s dominant position to limit competition. In its latest filing, the company has rejected the “characterisation […]

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